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The grant kindly given to us by the City of London specified that we were to create 70 A3 information panels about the heritage of Fleet Street fpr use by organisations wishing to hold exhibitions, and that these panels would also appear as webpages. We completed 70 information panels in August 2023

All these panels have been posted on this website. We have had a numbeer of exhibions:
28 panels have been shown on the Daily Telegraph building by kind permission of the developers since November 2022
8 double-sided panels have been shown in two lunch bars, one on Fettere Lane and one in Fleet Street 56 panels were shown uner the Fleet Street Heritage Sundial for the London Open House from 17-21 September. This even was doc, and 168 people signed a petition to ask for a permanent exhibition to be created. Please see .do Exhibition Report

Our plans for the remaineder of 2023 are;

(1) to pubosha book of all the pages so far created for sale to the general public

(2) to develop our new Volume IV - personal stories which offers new insights into Fleet Street

(3) to continue adding more pages in Volumes I, II, and III.

(4) to seek planning permission for creating a Fleet Street Heritage Wall